My name is Noah and I'm a creative individual with a passion for all thing. I'm the kind of person who thinks outside of the box.


Hi, I'm NOAH and I'm a lover of all things colorful! Whether it's painting, designing, or even just dressing up, I find joy in the vibrant hues that surround us every day.

But what really sets my heart ablaze is the people I meet. There's something magical about connecting with others and sharing our unique experiences and perspectives.

I find all creatures fascinating and beautiful in their own way. But, of course, my favourite animal companion is my sweet white cat named Book. She's my furry best friend, and I'm convinced she's secretly a superhero in disguise.

My personality

I'm a thrill-seeking adventurer with a passion for snowboarding, mountain biking, and motorcycle riding. There's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline you get from carving down a steep mountain slope or cruising down a winding mountain road on two wheels.

I help businesses to clarify their visual.

Expert at :

Corporate Identity Design
Visual Communication
Logo Design
Art Direction
Stationery & Print Design